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Data Management Solution & Backup

When you plan for a full data life cycle, you will benefit from guidance of experts who regularly design and integrate data management solutions. At WebsiteTec, we listen to your needs and create a solution that improves data access, speed and security.


Data is the most valuable resource that a company can own. Unfortunately every year, thousands of companies lose their data for avoidable causes, with consequences ranging from security breaches to operational continuity. In many cases, loss of data can lead to the legal liability of a company that has failed to protect its assets.


Why do these companies lose valuable data and end up with significant financial consequences? Because they did not have a managed backup system in place.


A managed backup system is a data security process that includes data storage for later retrieval.


At WebsiteTec, we understand the importance of a robust and measurable backup plan. Our service is designed for our clients to help them ensure that their valuable data is protected at all times.