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Network design and configuration

Network design and configuration is essential for your business to operate smoothly, but many businesses have no in-house IT manager.


This is why WebsiteTec provides network services to existing companies in Cyprus, expert advice and guidance, as well as ongoing IT support, to maintain fully functional networks.


Your office network is configured using servers, computers, routers, cables, switches and wireless access points. If any part becomes broken, or the configuration is wrong, it can begin to experience problems such as slow Internet connection or even risk compromising the security of your data.


We regularly monitor all the devices needed to identify small problems that can escalate to more serious issues.


You can trust WebsiteTec to manage your small office network configuration

    • WebsiteTec will investigate performance problems within your network and recommend solutions to overcome them.

    • If there are serious problems on your network, we can design and install an entirely new system form scratch according to your needs.

    • Once a stable network is established, it is necessary to review and maintain it.

    • We understand the effect of downtime. That is why we actively monitor all the critical systems of our clients and ensure that they are informed in advance of any potential problems.


    Contact our knowledgeable IT support engineers today and let us know about your network needs.